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What are the applications of cork spray?

Cork spray applications

Many homes need to deal with problems related to dampness that mean that paint starts to peel off, grouting starts to come loose, mould starts to appear on walls, etc. Until now, you could only solve these issues by regularly repainting, but this was insufficient to solve the damp problem, thermal bridges or insulation problems.

Cork spray retains the heat in your home well and therefore the damp problem is solved: cork is such a good insulator that condensation and thermal bridges in your home disappear. Mould will simply not have a chance to grow.

You will need to heat less and therefore your heating costs will reduce significantly. Your home will become an ecological and environmentally friendly building with cork insulation.

Discover the many application possibilities of cork:

  • Decorating an insulating façades, indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings
  • Insulating and making attics and cellars waterproof
  • Making terraces waterproof
  • Reduction of noise, vibrations and resonance of buildings
  • Anti-corrosive coating of metal panels