Cork Spray Protect CSP

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What are the characteristics of cork spray?

Cork spray is thermo-insulating

Spraying cork gives the perfect insulator. The cork spray material is very light (104-120 kg/m3), pressure resistant (maximum pressure of 10,000 kg/m2) and does not shrink. Walls will therefore be pest-free.

Cork spray is noise absorbing and acoustic

Cork insulation is the best, natural insulation material for heat and noise. Insulation cork reduces vibrations and is therefore very suitable for music studios, concert halls, cinemas and libraries.

Cork spray is water permeable

Insulation cork is vapour permeable and it breathes. It works like a membrane: the moisture from the wall can evaporate and the humidity stays in equilibrium. This prevents mould from growing.

Cork spray is sustainable

Cork is sustainable, soft, elastic and heat retaining. It provides the optimal slip resistance and is moisture resistant. Scientists have proven that cork protects against abnormal magnetic fields and UV radiation.

Cork spray is ecological

Cork is a completely natural product.

Cork spray can be adjusted to your preferences

You determine the colour and thickness of the cork. This ensures that you can renovate your home exactly how you want!